GSL provides a flexible learning environment with diverse academic opportunities for all students.

GSL Offers:

-Foundational Courses
-Project-Based Learning
-In Person Learning
-Service Learning Options
-Honors Courses
-Vocational Learning Options
-PSEO Courses

Courses highlighted in blue indicate CC matriculated classes toward the Crown College AA degree for full time students enrolled by 10th grade.

Each student’s GSL Education Map (GSL eMap) is determined through a multifaceted assessment process that begins when the student is enrolled at GSL.  This process will provide information about the student’s learning style, the student’s interests, and accommodations the student may need to succeed.  The GSL eMap will personalize each students educational journey and help GSL provide the most successful experience for each individual student.

*At GSL, we partner with Crown College to provide the option of an Associates Degree upon graduation.  We also partner with Concordia St. Paul for some PSEO courses. Please read more information below:

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